You told me  That you couldn’t love anybody  I finally realised what you meant   When I saw that you were afraid of everybody  How ironic is it  If us two metonly to get hurt?  With all my heart  I have to tell you this   All I want to see is the real YOU   You still don’t smile very well  Because even now, you still wear sadness around you If the only reason  I was bornwas so  I could meet you,do you think I’ll be able to change everything?  With all my heart  I have to tell you this  We’re hurt, but we’ve still got time With all my love I love you I want to wipe away All the pain that falls on you I for You  With all my heart I have to tell you this If only you could smile at me like that forever…With all my love I love you I want to gather every piece of lightand give it all to you

I for You

lirik lagu nih aku amek kat page mus…nice..thanks for sharing such a beautiful songs…nice and sweet giler liriknyer…mau tersentap jantung kalau ade org dedicate lirik sebegini rupa kat aku…lalalala…kompom pas tue overdosed….memandang lirik kat depan aku nih jugak….lagu hot hot heat, middle of nowhere…ada org suro aku layan biler nak tido…huhuhu…shahdu shahdu..lalala…memang best biler dalam kehidupan kite full of soundtrack..nak gi kerje lagu dia ginih..nak bawak keta lagu dia gituh..nak tido lagunyer demikian..nak mengamuk lagunyer begini…hehehe….wane wani je kehidupan..lalalalala….