“The so-called largest Career and Training Fair in Malaysia is back in 2008. It will be held between 4 to 6 April (Friday to Sunday), in Mid Valley Exhibition Center, Kuala Lumpur. The event starts from morning 11am until evening 7pm. The event is also more popularly known as the Mid Valley Career Fair, or JobStreet Career Fair simply because JobStreet is one of the principal sponsors for the event.

This is an annual event that takes place at its usual venue, Mid Valley to provide easy access to visitors. From the look of it, most likely the event shall be overshadowed by the recent JobsDB Career Fair’s success, if promotion and public relation is to be dragged into comparison chart. JobsDB has been extremely aggressive in promoting their career fair in the early of March 2008, with their banners displayed at all over the places including websites and buses.

More than 50 top companies have confirmed their participation in this year’s career fair.”



….perhatian!!!!!…aku jaga booth besok….di syarikat ‘Tan Hong Min’ sendirian berhad…boleh bawak resume!! yea!