dirembat dari sini

Everyone is selfish from time to time. It’s part of human nature, but if you do it too much people could easily get fed up with you.


  1. Listen. There is a big different from hearing something and letting something go in one ear and out the other and actually listening to what people have to say.
  2. Don’t interrupt people. Let them finish their sentence, your points can always wait. If it’s urgent (like if you have to leave) say “excuse me”.
  3. Put the needs of other people before your own. Pay attention to the people in your life to find out what those needs are.
  4. When choosing gifts or cards, buy something that reflects the personality of the other person. Don’t just buy something because it’s convenient.
  5. Remember birthdays.
  6. Keep in touch with your friends and relatives.
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Be honest and loyal.
  9. Consider the advice people in your life give you. Take it if it makes sense.
  10. If you have to ask someone for a favor, offer to do something for them in return.
  11. Compliment other people. Don’t just go on about how great you are.
  12. Make sure to be considerate and include everyone you know and like when inviting people to parties and events. No one likes to be left out.
  13. Don’t butt in front of people in line. Also, if you see someone in a walker or a wheelchair, slow down or help them instead of just cutting in front of them.
  14. Be on time. If at all possible, call if you know you are going to be late.



  • Don’t expect to become a saint overnight.
  • Don’t hate yourself because you think you can’t change. You’ll get there.
  • Changing who you are will take time, but recognizing that you have a problem with your behaviour is a big step.



  • Don’t be sharp with people just because you are stressed.
  • Don’t rub your good deeds in other people’s faces. The point of volunteering and being considerate is doing the right thing not getting glory.


entri yg explicit……jgn pedulik dgn ape yg aku melalut dibawah….skip baca lagi bagus..

huh…me are just so selfish!!!…not trying to understand…getting sow pissed off…strees sbb list of priority dah turun jawuh giler….first, being kick of by a term so-called-boifrend,and then business matter…huhu..aku makin jadik tak penting dah…wahahah…

keciwa dgn story yg di exaggerate and being made up just for me to get me sow excited…me?..an experimental device in feeling expression….

they got excuses….and i’m just selfish…..mcm bodo….macam haram