Thursday, June 12, 2008


          As Hj. Zaki had promises us, today he will get us onboard Bunga Raya to check on the bilges line. After 2-hour of briefing in the engine room, we got on deck to off board. Once I stepped out from the embarkation tower, Safety’s Jeep rushed to the area followed by the General Manager of Safety’s, Encik Tumiran’s car.


This was obviously an emergency! I heard no siren onboard just now so I wonder where the accident was. Some of the safety officer ran and dash up the embarkation tower. They ran with the walkie-talkie in their hand for communication and response purposes. I stood beside the dock stair to watch the scene. This was the second time I witness the real emergency. I know it is appropriate to feel excited upon emergency since this is a saving-someone’s-life situation; but it really how I felt.


Encik Tumiran ran towards me, I thought he was going to get downstairs to the dock floor. Once he passed by me he said, “Come on!”. Seriously! This is what I waiting for. I followed him down the stair to dock floor. It was the first time I have been there….ok..ckp melayu pulak…ade emergency kat dock…malas nak story detail..P&C ekkekekekeke….first time lalu bawah kapal…kalau kapal tu senget hampap aku..aku bleh penyek!!!! Ish..selisih!!