Hm…aaa…..aku nak share satu article entitiled “Easy Way to Learn English” from The Sun..trainner yg ajar aku joget2 tu kasik…the article was written by Bill Templer, from Faculty of Education, UM.

Aku kasik aku punyer summary lah yea…the writer said that the best way to learn English is to start from the basic level; not from the tough subject viz; Science and Math.learining Science and Math in English can’t help improving the Student’s English, but even worse, jeopardizing it. Reality shows that, in spite of learning and mastering basic structure of English, learners have been taught a complex structure of sentences! So, the writer suggested that we should use a simpler comprehensive way such as loads of light reading and extensive listening.

So, encik bill templer bagi satu website ni.. voaspecialenglish..which based on 1500 headword bacis vocabulary-short sentences, lots of repetition, few adjective and almost no idioms!…generally one “idea” per sentence.siap ade audio sekali dalam seploh minit so korang leh check on the pronunciation…bagus betul..

Website ni US gov yang punyer…tp jgn bimbang..takde propaganda issue pun…basically nak kasik org pandai English..CORRECT ENGLISH ok..aku impressed jugak ngan usaha org America ni…because…this website is develop to help other people from nation lain…not helping their own people! Hmmm….ye lah…org america..pernah ke koncen pasal org nagara lain.. wonder…whether they are too generous..or just piss off with all rotten English spoke by people from all around the world!!! hahaha

…eh…jap..jap..sejak bila entri aku berunsur pendidikan ni!!!…ok!!ok! Aku bukan buang tebiat!…anggap la ia satu anjakan padigma! Wakakakakakaa…..