F.I.R- Lydia


(Because of all these setbacks, I finally understand,
that most beautiful flower, it’s blooming for itself…)

Lydia, with your vague gaze
Why do you wander with an ocean of heartbreak
You’ve been hurt; even your smile paces about
Gypsy girl, who do you sing for?

You will see fog, see rain, see the sun
The cracked earth yields heartache again

He left, but can’t take away your heaven
After the wind dries, tears of rainbow light will fall
He left, so you can leave your dreams behind
There must be a place to wait for love to take flight

Lydia, happiness isn’t far away
Open your windows, and make a wish

You will feel love, feel hate, feel forgiveness
Life will not always be filled with heartache

9 thoughts on “Lydia”

  1. lydia..lydia..

  2. Best gile lirik lagu ni, especially the last paragraph.

    Sesuai utk org muda mcm kita yg kompius mencari hala tuju ni 🙂

  3. wa…org jrg masuk sini…terimakasih kerana mengomen….

  4. Lirik yang mendalam, bagi aku la..

  5. wandai: dalam~~dalam yg terbenam2….

  6. 🙂

  7. laGu nie cam adeR dLm baHase cInE yer?

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